[VIDEO] “Buhari is Under a Trance” - Prof Wole Soyinka.

[FULANI HERDSMEN] Soyinka Asks Nigerians To Resist Armed Fulani Herdsmen Invasion


Professor Wole Soyinka on Tuesday called on relevant authorities to check the wave of attacks being perpetrated by armed herdsmen across the country.


Professor Soyinka told journalists in Lagos that the phenomenon of herdsmen and farmers clashes is not new but a matter that has graduated to an alarming state in the last eight years.

He called for an organised resistance to the menace, describing the killer herdsmen as a new breed of Boko Haram and internal colonialists.

“I wish to commend the governors in the various organisation which are now beginning to understand that they must start policing themselves.

“The important thing is the consciousness of a need for organized resistance against the incursion of cows.

“In Ogun State, we have formed a sort of informal organisation called OSHA, Ogun State Hunters Association and we intend to collaborate with similar movements. With the police and the military

“If we want to take the phenomenon seriously, it will be to ensure that anytime they see an armed herdsman, they report to the nearest police station. If by a certain time that group of armed herdsmen are not disarmed, then this organisation will move and disarm them,” he said.

The Nobel laureate said further that he is not happy with what he describes as the body language of the government in handling the matter.

He also condemned the proposal for the establishment of cattle colony, insisting that ranching is the preferred option to resolving the crisis.

[FULANI HERDSMEN] Soyinka Asks Nigerians To Resist Armed Fulani Herdsmen Invasion


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